“What are your hobbies?”

That’s probably one of most often heard questions during your childhood, or even now. That’s because your answer allows the person who asked to receive a brief glimpse of your life or what you’re like as a person. For example, if you like spending your time reading books, you may be seen as a more quiet and reserved person, whereas if you enjoy engaging in theatre performances, you may be viewed as a lively and confident person. Or maybe you’re equally fond of reading AND theatre, then you could be both placid and boisterous depending the situation you’re in.

That said, whatever it is you love doing, you should do more of it. 

That sounds like a counterintuitive statement because if you love doing something, you would naturally do it, right? Yet more often than not, people look back in their lives and wish that they had spent more time doing this, this or this.

I used to love writing; and I still do. I just don’t write as much as I used to anymore. In 6th grade, my friend Lacy Adonte and I started to write a story, hoping that one day it would be published. Here is an excerpt:

“My father may have been a billionaire, but you would have never guessed it. I was far from popular. A nobody you might say, but this may be my only shot for respect, glory, and power. Not that I wanted to dominate the world or anything. I just wanted the name Trisha Edwards to be heard.”

It had so much potential. We had countless plans on what was going to happen to our main character after the first twelve pages we had written, but why is it that we never got past the dozen pages of writing? Because it took a lot of drive and effort to finish the story, and as 6th graders we already “didn’t have time”.

Reading is important, as is writing, or crafting or collecting. You should not give up your hobbies because “you don’t have time”. Read when you still enjoy the books you read because later, you will learn to appreciate other authors’ use of language when reading a book you are required to read for school. Write when you still have time to transcribe daydreams into short stories or novels. You become a better writer with practice, so that benefits you when you start writing 5-paragraph essays for school.

Don’t give up these things because you think you need to spend more time doing school work. So many people fail to recognize the benefits of his or her hobbies and just throw it on the backburner for when they have that extra 30 minutes to spare. It’s not worth it though! There are so many understated benefits of these activities, not the mention the fact that they make you happy.

Take advantage of your free time when you still have it, and you might as well use that time to do something you actually enjoy doing.


-Your 16 year old self


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